The printer is the most common smart machine in the organizations and institutes. Technology has made life much easier than before ever and it is still working continuously to update the smart devices to make our work easier and efficient. Printers are, however, not devices that are used continuously in offices like computers but still, you will find hardware or software issues in any smart device, thus you must be aware of these problems and their solution so that you can prevent work loss.

Sometimes, a printer takes time to print and it is a time-consuming problem. Since smart devices run managed print services and are designed to provide you the quick work, long loading for printing is wasting time and a panic situation. Mostly, this is caused by the memory issue or the high-resolution setting. If you are working with a printer in an office and not looking for the printing high-resolution colorful pictures, you should select the setting on the normal mode for the office documents. If you are processing large-sized files, you should add memory to work smoothly.



Another problem when the printer prints low-quality pictures. If you are facing an issue that printer is printing faded pictures, less quality, and missed words, this problem is due to supplies or hardware. Firstly, you should check your print driver to make sure that you have the correct paper or media selected. In some printers, there is a fuser available for the adjustment of paper type, so if it is available in your printer, adjust it according to your paper type.

Secondly, check if there are any marks and scratches on the laser screen. Sometimes, you get black spots, or missed words on the printed pages due to the marks present on the screen. You should check and clean it properly. Moreover, if an issue doesn’t solve still, you should contact any hardware expert.